Commercial buildings:
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Two Story Adobe Building One story office building Foundation for Mexican Office Bldg.

Structures as high as 3 stories can be built with adobe block, with greater efficiency in heating and cooling because of the thermal "flywheel effect" from adobe's dense mass, which tends to even out extreme changes in temperature. This often results in lower heating and cooling costs. Because of the simplicity of the adobe construction process, less skilled labor is necessary to complete a structure.

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Architecturally designed Adobe Home Two Story Custom Home Mexican Adobe Housing project

Homes ranging from architecturally designed mansions to simple, basic structures can be built with adobe block. With a look and feel superior to many building methods, adobe structures have lasted for thousands of years, with far less maintenance necessary than conventional homes. Completely soundproof, well insulated, all natural and with a unique "feel" in architecture, adobe has been the choice of thousands of builders throughout the world.

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