We returned back from instructing the Panamanian government in the use of Ten (10) Earth Press III machines that were delivered to the Republic of Panama for use in construction of low income housing. It was a great success! Three television stations covered the event along with several major newspapers. Press coverage in Panama concerning the machines has been excellent, the Ministerio de Vivienda division of the government has big plans for the construction of housing for the poor. The initial ten machines will be placed in ten separate provinces, and people in each area will be given access to an adobe machine to begin construction of housing. The pueblos are taking a "barn raising" approach, with neighbors helping each other construct a new house. We have offered (and it looks as though they'll accept) to do a training for all provinces on construction techniques developed here in the U.S. - probably sometime in February.

Front Page of Universal, Panama's Newspaper

We videotaped the events and edited a short video depicting the government's plans for the use of our adobe press technology. The video is available in Spanish and English.

It wasn't all work, we went fishing at Las Pinas Bay, Jerry (on the left) caught a big one, species yet unidentified.

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